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Facts about your brain, heart and lungs

Learn new facts about the body’s organs and being unconscious. From our Instagram #YoungLifesavers series

Did you know this about the brain?

Messages travel from your brain to the rest of your body at over 100 miles per hour!

One quarter of all the oxygen you breathe in is used by just your brain

Did you know this about the heart?

However old you are, your heart is always the size of your closed fist.

Your heart pumps all your blood around your body 1000x a day!

Did you know this about your lungs?

Your lungs are made of 600 million little spongy bags called alveoli

Every minute you breathe 1 litre of air into your lungs

What is the difference between sleeping and unconscious?

Sleeping = can wake the person up

Unconscious = will not respond to noise or being moved

Why does CPR help if someone is not breathing?

Chest compressions help keep blood and oxygen flowing to vital organs

Why does the recovery position help if someone is unconscious?

Lying on their side = means they don’t choke on their tongue or vomit

Chin title = helps them keep breathing