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Our mission and strategy

StreetDoctors was founded in 2008 in Liverpool to empower young people to be part of the solution to street violence.

Our Vision

An end to street violence affecting young people.

Our Mission

To empower young people through training to keep safe, save lives and be part of the solution to street violence.

Our Values

@Claudia Leisinger

Our Strategy

Our strategic plan sets out our goals over the next three years, to empower more young people with lifesaving skills and knowledge all over the UK.

The three strands of this work are:

Integrity – Developing our programmes to continue empowering young people

To continue to develop programmes that build young people’s knowledge, confidence and willingness to act to reduce the impact of street violence, alongside our personal development programmes that increase their skills and aspirations.

Impact – Being there for young people that need us the most

To reach the young people that need our training the most, by partnering with more youth, education and criminal justice providers. This will increase our impact and ensure our credibility as an influencer and advocate for young people affected by violence.

Invest – Building our foundations so we are resilient, compassionate, diverse and inclusive

To be a resilient organisation, efficiently organised and well-funded to
continue empowering young people through trauma-informed practice
and improving equality, diversity and inclusivity in all we do.

We are proud to have signed the Power of Youth Charter, making the commitment to embed young people’s voices, opinions and creativity in everything we do.

StreetDoctors has really inspired me. You’ve inspired me to save lives… being able to teach other people this stuff, I want to do that.

Young Person, Feltham Youth Offending Institute