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North East London team

StreetDoctors NE London was founded in 2018 and our 2020/2021 team leads are: Rosie McEachen and Izzy Howes

We cover the areas of

And we work with local partners such as

Haringey Youth Offending Team

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Quotes from North East London

“During my placement I helped treat a 15-year-old boy with abdominal stab wounds. I remember being in shock from hearing the story of what had happened, his injuries were not life threatening but there was a lot of blood on the floor, chairs and bed. The doctors and nurses were rushing around getting theatres ready and the situation felt very tense.

“Although the scariest part was how young the boy looked, he wasn’t particularly very big or tall – he was just a child. This patient got to a hospital in time, however others are not so fortunate.

“I joined StreetDoctors to help teach life-saving skills to people who may be able to help if there has been a stabbing, which could stop more lives being lost on the street.” Aofie Scanlan, volunteer and student nurse