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Top tips for looking after your mental health

Top tips for good wellbeing from a professional psychotherapist. From our Instagram #YoungLifesavers series

Top tip 1

Talk to someone about how you are feeling

If you are feeling overwhelmed, speak with someone you trust. This could be a friend, family member or a helpline.

Top tip 2

Limit your news intake

Try to limit reading/watching the news no more than twice a day, and only get information from factual sources

Top tip 3

Have a routine

Routines can make us feel safe. You could get up, shower and exercise each morning as if you were going to school or work.

Top tip 4


Doing some breathing or meditation once a day can reduce anxiety and be a break from overwhelming thoughts and feelings.

Top tip 5

Keep moving

Keeping your body moving, such as going outside or doing an online fitness class, can really improve mental health and wellbeing.

Top tip 6

Stay connected

If you can, make sure you speak to people who make you laugh or feel good at least once a day.