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Our impact

StreetDoctors saves lives and empowers young people to keep their communities safe.

StreetDoctors saves lives. Read stories from young people who have used skills they learnt from StreetDoctors to save themselves or others:

Aleesha, South London

“I was at a friend’s birthday party when I heard a bang and saw a young boy on the floor by himself, his leg covered in blood. He had been shot. I asked someone to put pressure on his leg whilst I put pressure on his hand as he had also been stabbed. I stayed with him until the ambulance arrived. I kept reassuring him that everything was gonna be ok. He was 16 years old as well… He is still alive.” (name changed)

Ethan, Liverpool

“Ethan, aged 15, incurred mainly defence wounds to his arms. He entered Tesco’s and grabbed nappies to stop the bleeding. He told his worker he was glad he had done StreetDoctors as he knew to protect his vital organs and held his arms up in a crossed manner across his chest.” – Ethan’s case worker

Tommy, Bristol

15-year old Tommy was with his friends when he witnessed a stabbing. He saw a boy staggering from injury and two men run off into a car. One of his friends started filming on a phone, but Tommy offered to help and called the ambulance. He started to apply pressure to the victim’s wound and kept reassuring him he would be okay. Tommy followed the first-aid steps he had learnt at a StreetDoctors session, and the police and paramedics said this might be why the boy is still alive today. Afterwards, he said “I really like helping people.” (Name changed)

After a StreetDoctors training session…


of young people say they understand the consequences of violence


of young people say they know what to do if someone is bleeding and/or unconscious


of young people say they are willing and able to act in a first aid emergency

99% of young people who attend our sessions provide positive feedback, in particular around them learning new skills.

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