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Our trainers

Our trainers are students or professionals in: medicine, nursing & paramedicine aged 18-30. They are based in 25 teams in 19 cities across the UK.

What do they do?

Our volunteer trainers deliver face-to-face, digital or remote emergency first-aid training to young people affected by violence across the UK, as part of our Reducing Violence Programme or StepWise Programme. They empower young people to become lifesavers in their communities and give them confidence to make informed decisions about keeping themselves and others safe.

It has opened my eyes to the realities facing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the work that needs to be done to tackle the societal factors contributing to violence affecting young people.

StreetDoctors volunteer

To deliver our training they work with delivery partners, such as criminal justice organisations, schools, pupil referral units, youth and sports clubs and community groups.

Why does this training model work?

We champion peer-to-peer learning, young people teaching other young people. Seeing and spending time with a role model close in age strengthens our ambition for young people to see themselves as having the potential to be lifesavers in their own communities.

As trainee healthcare professionals, our volunteers have in-depth knowledge of the first-aid, and many see the effects of violence affecting people first-hand. Young people listen to them and respect the experience and knowledge of our trainers.

Our training offers mutual benefits: young people learn from our volunteer trainers, and our volunteer trainers learn skills from young people that they can take into their clinical practice to make them better healthcare professionals.

Training for our volunteers is kindly supported by Medics Academy