August 6, 2018

StreetDoctors in a new partnership to tackle youth violence in London

As a social movement of student medics and trainee healthcare professionals StreetDoctors...

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June 6, 2018

Why I volunteer with StreetDoctors #NationalVolunteersWeek

StreetDoctors has changed my perspective of knife crime massively. I have had...

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April 18, 2018

‘I have not had a single shift where there has not been at least one patient being treated for stab wounds’

This year I am fortunate enough to be studying an intercalated degree...

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Local team supporters

The Rowlands Trust, The Keith and Joan Mindelsohn Charitable Trust and the Blakemore Foundation in Birmingham; The James Sim Trust in Glasgow; The Robert Gavron Charitable Trust, The Josephs Family Trust, The Catherine Cookson Charitable Trust, The Barbour Foundation and Christopher Rowbotham Charitable Trust in Newcastle; The Nottingham General Dispensary and Mary Potter Convent Hospital Trust in Nottingham; The Maud Elkington Charitable Trust and Cotton Trust in Leicester; The Nathaniel Reyner Trust Fund and The Charles, Edna Broadhurst Charitable Trust and The General Charity Fund in Liverpool; The Alchemy Foundation, The Roger Raymond Charitable Trust, The A G Manly Charitable Trust, Coward Endowment, The Family Rich Charities Trust and The Bay Tree Charity Trust in South West London; the Sir John Osborn Charitable Trust and The Cutlers Company Charitable Trust in Sheffield; Queen Mary University of London in East London; The J P Jacobs Charitable Trust and The Belvedere in North London; The Oakdale Trust, The Hoover Foundation and Nolan Charity Fund in Cardiff; Gledswood Charitable Trust and Barlett Foundation in Leeds; James Wise Charitable Trust, The Grant Foundation, Douglas Heath Eves Charitable Trust, Misses Barrie Charitable Trust, Charterhouse Charitable Trust, John and Susan Bowers Fund, St Jude’s Trust, Henhurst Charitable Trust, Deakin Charitable Trust, John Coates Charitable Trust, William and Mabel Morris Charitable Trust, The Fitton Trust, J R Asprey Family Charitable Foundation, The Forte Charitable Trust and The Sir James Roll Charitable Trust across the UK. 


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