Young People are part of the answer to preventing and reducing violence – we just need to believe in them Sophie Clissold-Lesser for Magistrates Magazine (February 2021)

LIVING THROUGH A LOCKDOWN Reflections and recommendations from young people at risk of serious violence. StreetDoctors, MAC-UK and Redthread, have released a research report highlighting how lockdown affected young people at risk of youth violence, and how to ensure further lockdown restrictions do not cause more harm to young people. (Tuesday 29th September.)

Nursing students fight against knife crime in London This is City (September 2020)

BBC Crimewatch Roadshow Live interview with volunteer Lara Akinnawonu from StreetDoctors Cardiff (September 2020)

Video: What does it mean to be trauma aware? StreetDoctors is proud to be becoming trauma informed by embedding trauma awareness in all our work. Watch how trauma impacts our minds and bodies, how adverse childhood experiences do untold damage and how trauma can be managed. (July 2020)

DIGITAL #YOUNGLIFESAVERS TRAINING OFFER In response to Covid-19 StreetDoctors has developed a blended delivery offer of our vital lifesaving sessions. We are now ready to provide digital training sessions, and will soon be able to also offer Covid-19 safe social-distanced face to face training. This blended offer will allow us to continue reaching the most vulnerable young people in the UK with vital first aid training. (July 2020)

‘Youngsters are part of the solution not the problem’ Police explain why illegal weapon possession crimes have doubled in Leeds. Yorkshire Post (June 2020)

Youth Violence & a Poverty of Hope: What Needs to Change? A StreetDoctors panel discussion. Before lockdown we bought together an expert panel to discuss youth violence. This discussion brings refreshing insights on the issues facing young people and what we can do to give them a better future, away from crime and violence. The COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating many of the factors that cause youth violence, so now more than ever it is vital we  listen to our young people to find solutions. Our amazing panellists: Queenie Chizea, Dr John Chatterjee, Zimbo Freemind, Olu Sowemimo and Chantal Rees speak out in this fascinating and highly relevant discussion. (March 2020)

StreetDoctors statement on our work in response to Covid-19. Read the statement here. (March 2020)

NEW RESEARCH – StreetDoctors Expansion Report 2020 by Chantal Rees Smaller towns and cities are at higher risk of youth violence than previously thought, says research by Chantal Rees, our Expansion Officer and Sheffield Team Leader. Risk factors were measured to find which places in England are most likely to see rising levels of knife crime, and therefore where StreetDoctors need to concentrate their efforts. This research has led to new StreetDoctors teams (Hull and Preston) and increased delivery in certain parts of the country. (February 2020)

CEO Lucie discussing school exclusions and why it is important to keep children in school to keep them safe and away from gangs and violence. Listen from 2:09:45 BBC Radio Kent (January 2020)


Knife crime: the volunteer doctors teaching lifesaving skills to teenagers British Medical Journal (November 2019)

Knives in the Classroom BBC Panorama (September 2019)

The sharp end – dealing with knife crime British Medical Association’s ‘The Doctor’ (September 2019)

City students support the fight against knife crime in the capital City, University of London (September 2019)

London knife crime: Charity which teaches young people how to save stab victims gets £230k for expansion Evening Standard (August 2019)

JUSTICE with prison philanthropist Edwina Grosvenor – In Conversation with Lucie Russell & Jasmine Fulcher (StreetDoctors) One Small Thing Podcast (June 2019)


StreetDoctors on BBC Radio Norfolk BBC Radio Norfolk (August 2017)

When knife victims arrive at hospital in school uniform, it brings it home to you The Guardian – ‘Beyond the blade’ series (May 2017)


New Radicals 2016: how to make a positive impact The Guardian (February 2016)