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Facts about blood and the human body

Learn new facts about blood and the amazing human body. From our Instagram #YoungLifesavers series

Blood does not pass on coronavirus

COVID-19 is only spread through water droplets from an infected person sneezing, coughing or talking.

This means Giving Blood is still safe. By giving blood you can save lives and support our NHS.

Why is there no safe place to stab someone?

  1. There are blood vessels (tubes that carry blood) all over your body… if any of the vessels are damages you can lose a lot of blood causing injury and even death.
  2. A weapon can be dirty and cause life-threatening infections.
  3. Injury to the head can cause long-lasting brain damage.
  4. Injury to your abdomen can cause damage to your gut or bladder… so you could need a Stoma Bag (collects your poo) or a catheter (collects your wee).

How many pints of blood are there in the human body?

There are 8-10 pints of blood in the human body.

Losing just 4 or 5 pints puts you at serious risk of losing your life.

Why should you elevate the legs when someone is bleeding?

To keep blood flowing to the brain, lungs and heart which is important because…

…your brain heart and lungs are the most important organs to keep you alive.

How many miles of blood vessels are there in your body?

60,000 miles! Your blood vessels could wrap around the earth’s equator twice.