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How do I call an ambulance?

Everything you need to know about calling an ambulance. From our Instagram #YoungLifesavers series

Why should you call an ambulance?

  1. Ambulances are the quickest way to get medical help – without this the person is more likely yo die or suffer life-long injuries
  2. In nearly every case they will take you to hospital, but might treat you where you are
  3. It is still really important to call an ambulance and get medical help in lockdown

How do you call an ambulance?

  1. Dial 999 from any phone. It is always free and 112 also works all over Europe
  2. You will be asked what service you need. Say “ambulance”
  3. Questions they will ask: “Is the person breathing?” “What Happened?” “Address or location?” “What number are you calling from?”
  4. Remember to stay calm. They will tell you what to do and send help as soon as they can

How can you tell the ambulance where you are if you don’t know?

If you don’t know the address or postcode, look for house numbers, road names, shops, pubs, churches or other landmarks

Download these apps:

Do you have to tell the ambulance your name?

No, you do not have to give any personal details.

The paramedics and ambulance crew will only ask questions for medical reasons.

What is it like to work for an ambulance?

Our volunteer Fauziya answers some common questions. Watch the video below!