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Phil Crandle

Operations Manager

I am responsible for the management of StreetDoctors operational delivery, quality standards and to support the organisations strategic development.

Why StreetDoctors?

The values and mission of StreetDoctors really align with my own. To empower
young people through education and creating partnerships within the regions we
work allows a great opportunity for lasting impact. Having worked with young people
throughout my career I understand the importance of a supportive and collaborative


I have worked for over a decade on youth development programmes that strived to
empower young people, from all backgrounds and abilities, to develop life skills,
resilience and build aspirations. I have worked in communities with a variety of
partners to bring organisations and young people together to have their voices heard
and create positive changes.

Outside of StreetDoctors

Outside of StreetDoctors I spend most time with my family as a Dad of 3 girls. I enjoy
cooking and most sports but I love football.

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