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Nottingham team

StreetDoctors Nottingham was founded in 2014 and our 2020/2021 team leads are:

Katie Butterworth

Hannah Griffiths

We cover the areas of

And we work with partners in the local area including

HMP Nottingham

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Quotes from Nottingham

“At the end of the session they all said that they’d help someone who’d been stabbed – they said it was ‘the right thing to do.” HMP Nottingham, delivery partner

“I enjoy working with StreetDoctors because I believe that it is a unique opportunity to interact with young people who I would not usually have the opportunity to talk with and educate about one of the most serious issues affecting the future generation of our country.” Ashrit Chohan, volunteer


StreetDoctors is the opportunity to empower and equip young people with the skills to save lives. This development of skills helps to build their self confidence which can impact other aspects of their lives, including their hopes and dreams. [It] gives me a feeling of great pride, in not only the work that we do but the characters that are built from them.
Malcolm Irem, volunteer