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Edward Malloy

Regional Development Coordinator

I manage our work in London and the South. I look after our delivery partners and volunteer teams in the region and coordinate with grassroots organisations and other key stakeholders. I research and develop relationships with new partners, helping to increase our impact in London and the South.

Why StreetDoctors?

StreetDoctors is an empowering organisation, putting young people at the forefront and helping to inspire them to create positive impact within their communities. I am constantly motivated by the work of StreetDoctors, our volunteers and young people who are working to reduce inequality and violence.


I have a diverse background within the charity sector but find that working directly with volunteers and partners continues to motivate and inspire me. I have a BA in International Development from the University of Portsmouth with my dissertation comparing existing and emerging NGOs.

Outside of StreetDoctors

I love fashion and can be often found trawling around charity shops across London to find the best deal. I also love travelling and immersing myself in new cultures.

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