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Reducing Violence Programme

Emergency first-aid training sessions for young people affected by violence. Sessions can be delivered as one-off’s or as a comprehensive programme over 3 weeks.

Our award winning Reducing Violence Programme is made up of independent training sessions delivered by our healthcare volunteer trainers to young people affected by violence aged 11 to 25 years old in groups of 5-15.

Sessions can be delivered in person, or live digitally over Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

I really learned something, and I think that whenever I will see danger around me I will be able to protect myself thanks to this session.

The Programme

Session 1: What to do if someone is bleeding

How to call an ambulance and stem blood loss until medical help arrives. Young people are trained to apply pressure on or around the wound depending on whether the blade is still present. Visual demonstrations and interactive Q&A features explain the science of blood loss, debunk common myths, and prepare young people for real life scenarios. (45-60 mins)

Session 2: What to do if someone is knocked out

How to tell if someone is breathing or not, how to call an ambulance and give first-aid until medical help arrives. Young people are trained to use the recovery position if people are breathing and deliver chest compressions if they are not breathing. Visual demonstrations and interactive Q&A features explain the science of breathing and concussion, debunk common myths, and prepare young people for real life scenarios. (45-60 mins)

Session 3: What to do in a real life incident

Scenario workshop

Training session that embeds learning from the above workshops through a series of violent incident scenarios where young people work out how best to respond. They are guided in a trauma-informed way through each scenario & supported to use their knowledge to think through how to respond safely and effectively, further building their confidence to act in an emergency situation. (60-90 mins)

Partner Toolkit

Talking about violence can be traumatic, so we send every partner a set of free additional resources to support staff and young people before, during and after our training sessions. Created by a trauma specialist, our toolkit is full of practical advice, lesson plans and guidance on supporting young people in person and online.

I had fun learning. Now I can save lives and teach others to do the same.

Interested in booking?

Contact our excellent delivery team:

NorthLondon & South EastSouth West & MidlandsNorthern Ireland, Scotland & Wales
NameJesse Anim Edward MalloyKate LoganSéamus Kealey
EmailJesse@ streetdoctors.orgedward@ streetdoctors.orgkate@ streetdoctors.orgseamus@
Phone07787 94081407341 36121207787 02950707444592447


The session was very enjoyable and the young people really threw themselves into it, and were delighted with the certificate. These young people don’t get these opportunities often, and were elated.
Pete, Support Through Sport CIC, Nottingham

Programme Prices

Type of organisationEstimated annual incomeCost per session (for all delivery types)*
Central public sector and commercial businesses e.g. Home Office / Police Forces / VRUs / FIFAOver £1 million£375
Local public sector and statutory youth services e.g. Local Authorities / YOTs / PRUs / Schools / Football Clubs£250,000 to £1 million£200
(With £175 subsidised by StreetDoctors)
Charities and independent youth services e.g. CICs / religious groups / grassroots sports / youth clubs£50,000 to £250,000£100
(With £275 subsidised by StreetDoctors)

* We will always consider requests from grassroots organisations that are struggling financially.  For fully subsidised sessions delivered at zero cost – please ask the team when you get in touch to discuss your needs.


A couple of times in the past I witnessed a friend being stabbed. The StreetDoctors workshop was extremely helpful. I can now confidently say I would be completely prepared to handle a situation like this in the future.
Salma Dekhissi, 17, from Southwark, who wants to become a criminal lawyer studying at Westminster Kingsway College