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4. Becoming Trauma Informed

“I started drinking aged 9 or 10″… Becoming trauma-informed means understanding young people’s experiences to make you a better volunteer and better healthcare professional.

It is highly likely that the young people you are teaching have experienced psychological trauma in their lives. Sadly, sometimes multiple times in multiple ways.

We have created a free four-part training module with short videos, multiple choice questions and reflective questions to help you become trauma-informed.

Knowing what trauma is, its effect on the body, and understanding how it impacts you and young people is a valuable first step to becoming trauma-informed. This will help massively when delivering StreetDoctors sessions to young people, and where you will experience patients with trauma in clinical settings.

The training has been produced by the brilliant Lorna Fulton, a qualified trauma psychotherapist and features a former child soldier, a criminologist, a violence reduction nurse, an A&E consultant and StreetDoctors volunteers.

Become a better trainer and healthcare professional.

Become trauma-informed.

How can I access the training?

You can access the training on Medics Academy in your own time:

The training take 1 hour 40 minutes to complete in total so we recommend breaking it up into four sections to allow you to reflect on your learning.

The accompanying videos can also be viewed online via YouTube, for you to re-view as often as you’d like.

The programme trailer

With thanks to the British Medical Association for funding the production of these resources.