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6th September 2022

Young people spread awareness about knife crime in their community

We teamed up with the NCS this Summer in Leicestershire to deliver a young people-led youth social action project about street violence.

As part of a NCS (National Citizenship Service) programme this summer, one team of young people aged 16 and 17 in Corby did their community action project about StreetDoctors and knife crime – raising awareness of the issue and spreading lifesaving information about what to do if there is a violent incident.

First, they undertook some research of the situation in Corby. They surveyed 50 local people on their understanding of knife crime, how it affects the community of Corby and what can be done to reduce violence. Overall they found limited knowledge of what to do in a medical emergency if someone had been stabbed. Popular suggestions on reducing knife crime were improving policing and educating more people about how to save lives.

Sample of their survey results. Top bars show number of “No” answers given to the statement, bottom bars show “Yes”. Red denominates young people (under 18), green is adults (18-59), blue is older people (60+)

To further support their project, our young healthcare volunteers spoke with them about the medical consequences of knife crime and how to deliver emergency first aid if someone has been stabbed.

After receiving the first aid training, the young people came up with creative, multi-media and inventive ways of spreading our messages to young people in their area.

They created:

Still from a film made by young NCS participants showing what to do if someone has been stabbed

We are really grateful for this incredible content made by young people, for young people. We know young people are a key part of the solution to violence, and they can play a massive role in helping to spread awareness of the consequences of knife crime and sharing knowledge of lifesaving skills with their peers.

Thank you so much to all the young people involved and to NCS Leicestershire for supporting this project.