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17th May 2023

10 things you can do to support StreetDoctors on our 10th Anniversary

This year is 10 years since StreetDoctors became a charity! Here are 10 things you can do to get involved and help empower young people to save lives.

This year is 10 years since StreetDoctors became a charity in 2013. In that time we have grown to 23 teams led by young healthcare volunteers in 18 cities all across the UK and have empowered over 25,000 young people with lifesaving skills.

Below are 10 things you can do to help StreetDoctors continue to empower young people to become lifesavers in their communities and ensure young people are part of the solution to violence:

1. Book a session (or three!) for your young people

We deliver award-winning lifesaving first aid training to young people affected by violence. Find out about the three workshops we offer and how to book here.

2. Purchase the E-Learning App for all your young people

A new innovative virtual learning platform that will empower young people with the skills and confidence to act in a medical emergency here.

3. Take part in the 100 Mile Challenge and fundraise for StreetDoctors

Run, cycle, swim (or which ever activities you chose) 100 Miles in June by yourself or as a team! Visit our 100 Miles Just Giving Page and click ‘Start Fundraising’.

4. Refer your school, youth club or sports club to StreetDoctors

For young people only: Give us the details here of where you would like StreetDoctors to come and deliver first aid training, and we will get in touch with your school, youth club or sports club to arrange the training.

5. Become a StreetDoctors volunteer trainer!

We are looking for student and young professional doctors, nurses and paramedics (aged 18-30) to help empower young people affected by violence with first aid skills. Find out more about our volunteering teams and how to get involved here.

6. Donate to StreetDoctors to empower young lifesavers all over the UK

Click here to donate through Just Giving

7. Tell your business or workplace about StreetDoctors to become a corporate sponsor

Find ideas from our corporate sponsors here.

8. Become a committed funder to StreetDoctors

Have a long-term impact on StreetDoctors mission to empower all young people affected by violence with lifesaving first aid skills, and become part of the solution to street violence. Email if you are interested

9. Follow StreetDoctors on Social Media

To hear directly from young people and volunteers follow @streetdoctors on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube

10. Tell 10 other people about our work

A lot of our work is spread through word-of-mouth, so share what we do with as many people as possible!