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Digital Bleeding Session

What you need to do before a session:

  1. Watch the Digital Bleeding Mock Session – this has replaced observing live sessions. You must watch this to complete your digital training. It’s also an example of a very good digital session!
  2. Add session onto lamplight (if your Liaison Officer or Delivery Specialist hasn’t already) and add it to the SD Session Booking Sheet
  3. Create a Zoom link – instructions here – and send it to the DP
  4. If the session is ‘Remote’ send DP’s the feedback form and ask they scan it back to you once the YP have completed it.
  5. Make contact with your training partner
  6. Read the Bleeding Training Plan & Zoom Guide and download the Bleeding Presentation to your laptop using the links below:

What to do during a session:

  1. Make sure the DP staff member is made a co-host so they can safeguard the session
  2. Have a means of contacting your training partner outside of the session e.g text or WhatsApp
  3. DELIVER an amazing session!

What you need to do after a session:

  1. Debrief with your training partner about WWW (what went well) and EBI (even better if)
  2. Update lamplight with the post session feedback and YP numbers
  3. Download the feedback poll results off Zoom – instructions here – and upload onto the online form as normal
  4. If the session is ‘Remote’, wait for the DP to scan the forms back to you and then upload onto the online form as normal
  5. Here are the certificates if the DP asks for them – Bleeding, Knocked Out and Joint

Video Guides:

How to download the Koantic presentation

For any questions not answered here, contact –

Inside London contact –