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Séamus Kealey

I’m responsible for managing our partners and developing the profile of Street Doctors in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales by seeking new collaborations, and managing and supporting our existing ones. I manage our volunteer teams in these regions and work alongside them ensuring we reach even more young people making an impact where most needed.

Why StreetDoctors?

I’m passionate about empowering young people, and I know they are best
placed to positively influence their peers. Street Doctors is an organisation
that exists to facilitate this and being part of a team that can influence such
impact is exciting. It is rewarding to help young people realise they have the
potential to save lives as well as being leaders for violence prevention in
their communities. 


My background is community youth work, and after volunteering as a youth
mentor in the 90’s, this led me by chance to qualify as a community youth worker. I’ve been working with young people since having been immersed within a diversity of practice, and project leadership for the past 25 years, in both Ireland and Scotland.

Outside of StreetDoctors

You will find me trail running through forests, hiking up a hill or jumping into the sea. I love food, travelling and painting.

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