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By the end of 2018 we had taught lifesaving skills to over 12,900 young people since establishing ourselves as a charity in 2013.

Impact Report 2018

In 2018, StreetDoctors reached 4039 young people and 94% of them reported that our sessions helped them to know what to do when someone is bleeding or unconscious.

For more facts about StreetDoctors impact, 2018 youth violence statistics, and more feedback from young people and delivery partners, read our 2018 Impact Report.

Previous Impact Reports

Independent Evaluation of our work

In 2015, StreetDoctors had an independent evaluation of our work carried out by Red Quadrant. You can read the results of this evaluation here.

2016 Research Update

In 2016, StreetDoctors continued to work with Red Quadrant to further its research impact and reach. You can read the 2016 update on all the research conducted by the charity here.


‘People have never been enthusiastic about learning first aid before, but whatever it is that you’re doing is working. Young people are buzzing when they come out of the sessions.’ Deputy Head of Birmingham Youth Service

We asked what they’d do if they saw someone bleeding. One girl said that it depended who it was – if it was a stranger she’d call an ambulance and leave but if it was someone she knew she’d call an ambulance and apply pressure. By the end of the session she said wouldn’t want someone’s death on her conscience and she’d help anyone…’ Volunteer reflection after a session in Birmingham

Letting someone die by not helping isn’t worth it over some rivalry.’ One young person talking to another during a session in Liverpool

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