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3rd February 2023

CEO attends roundtable at 10 Downing Street

We were invited by Boxwise to speak at an event at 10 Downing Street about improving outcomes for young people affected by violence by using sports and skills training.

The discussion focussed on the power of facilitating young people to develop self-discipline and self-confidence through a boxing programme, which we are part of.

At the table were Government ministers from the Department of Education and the Department for Media, Culture and Sport.

We heard from young people who had been through the Boxwise programme about the positive impact it had on their lives. We also heard from the CEO of Centrepoint, police officers about work they are doing with young people in rural and urban communities, and the Centre for Social Justice about how increased funding for young people (Pupil Premium Money) can positively help school invest in young people’s futures.

Lucie spoke about street violence affecting young people and its traumatic impacts, and what StreetDoctors does to empower young people with lifesaving skills.

We are really pleased to be partnering with Boxwise as they roll out their boxing programme to schools all over the UK and develop their strategy for creating regional hubs for education, sport and life skills courses. We are proud to be a central part of their programme, as week 9 of their 10 week programme where we deliver first aid training to young people in boxing gyms.

Thank you to Nick Maughan and Rick Ogden, Boxwise co-founders, for inviting us to 10 Downing Street to be part of this important discussion about reducing violence and improving opportunities for marginalised young people.