StreetDoctors Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022

StreetDoctors Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022

StreeDoctors staff, volunteers and Trustees worked closely together to create our Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022). This plan represents a bold and ambitious step change for StreetDoctors. In it we lay out our plans to increase our reach and impact to better support those young people who are most affected by youth violence in our society.

If you’d like to read the full version you can download it here. 

Our London Coordinator, funded by John Lyons Foundation, has put together a London Strategy – to mobilise our London teams to reach young people most at risk in the city. Read it here: The London Strategy 2020-2023

Our vision

A world in which every young person is free from youth violence.

Our mission

To reduce morbidity and mortality in young people from youth violence by giving them the skills and confidence to save lives.

Our ambition

A worldwide movement of trainee healthcare professionals and young people committed to eradicating youth violence.

Our Strategic Goals 2018 – 2022

1. Give young people most likely to be directly affected by violence the medical skills and confidence to save lives; reduce violence; and pass on their skills and learning to others.

2. Strengthen our engagement with young people with lived experience of violence so that they gain greater benefit from that engagement and so that they better inform and influence our work.

3. Achieve excellence in delivery and evaluation of impact, learning from what we do and sharing it across the organisation to embed best practice.

4. Develop our influence on policy, advocating for a public health, trauma informed approach to tackling youth on youth violence.

5. Invest in developing StreetDoctors volunteer culture, and organisational systems, knowledge and skills.

6. Build sustainable income streams to fund StreetDoctors work with young people.

To find out more about the context of our work and our success indicators for our strategic plan goals click here.