Session costs


StreetDoctors is a charity, and we incur considerable costs in delivering our services each year. To ensure we remain financially sustainable in the long-term, we charge a fee for our session to help cover the full cost per session to StreetDoctors. The fee applies both our face to face sessions and our digital sessions. This fee helps us to keep delivering vital first aid training, and the opportunity to discuss attitudes to violence with young people who need our support. We currently cost online and face to face sessions at the following rates, depending on the annual budget of our partners.

Find out more about our digital training sessions here. We are running tasters of our digital sessions on 14th, 16th and 20th July. To find out more and sign-up click here.

Annual budget of organisation*





Cost per session (single)

£375 (full cost of session)



£0 (paid for by our Grassroots Fund)

* If you are a representative of a department within a much larger organisation (e.g. a serious violence unit within a police force) then please refer to the budget of your whole department.

Please note, these costs are for single sessions, i.e. either a bleeding or unconscious session. Joint sessions are treated as two sessions and costed accordingly.

StreetDoctors believes a transparent, progressive cost model for sessions ensures equity with all our partners. We ask those with greater resources to help us to deliver sessions at a lower cost to those less able to pay. In this way, we hope to reach as many young people at risk of violence as possible,and support our delivery partners regardless of their funding circumstances.

Free sessions are paid for by our Grassroots Fund. This fund is a commitment by StreetDoctors to ensure our volunteers are able to provide our sessions to organisations with the most limited resources, who often are working with the most vulnerable young people at risk of violence.

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This approach to session costs is in pilot, and we ask all our partners to please share their thoughts and comments during this time (2020-2021). You can feedback on this model by contacting