Sarah Bloxham

I joined StreetDoctors in July 2020, after many years as a book publisher, and more recently as Business Manager of the training operation of a local hospice. Its courses were designed to give social care workers the skills and confidence to deliver great end of life care. I saw at first-hand how knowledge can inspire self-belief and empower people to achieve their full potential, and this is what attracted me to become part of the StreetDoctors movement. That, and having two sons who have been involved with youth violence, the youth justice system and various other adolescent services, and would have benefitted from our intervention (if only StreetDoctors had a team in Kent!).

I strongly believe in the transformative power of knowledge; that all young people do well if they can; and that support and encouragement are much more effective than judgement and punishment. It is both exciting and humbling to work with StreetDoctors delivery partners and volunteers in inspiring young people to stay safe, become more aware and grow in confidence; and I want to help reach every young person who needs us.