Our Story

StreetDoctors is a youth social action movement. Our network of young healthcare volunteers teach lifesaving skills to 11-25 year olds at risk of youth violence across the UK. We do this through interactive training sessions delivered with a range of partners. These sessions give young people the vital skills and confidence to act when someone is bleeding or unconscious. We provide safe spaces to explore attitudes to violence, including its true medical consequences. We empower young people to become StreetDoctors in their communities, helping to keep themselves and others safe.

our story


was born in 2008 in the socially conscious minds of two young medical students, and a Youth Offending Team worker, who were regularly involved in delivering CPR and First Aid classes to local teenagers. They noticed: 

"The 11 to 16 year olds attending the first aid classes had known someone who had been stabbed or shot"

"or had been a victim themselves."

They decided to set out to educate young people about the consequences of carrying weapons through exploring attitudes to violence, including its true medical consequences.

so creating


Our main objective is to
give these young people the
confidence and skills
they need: 

to remain calm, call 999

and deliver simple life-saving first aid.

By equipping these young people with practical skills we aim to increase their confidence and aspirations, helping them to change their attitude towards violence so they become StreetDoctors in their communities

StreetDoctors has now become a social movement with 20 teams in 16 cities across the UK and Ireland.