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Do you work with young people affected by violence? Book our training sessions today to empower them to keep themselves and others safe.

By becoming a StreetDoctors delivery partner you will be helping young people to:

How to book our Reducing Violence Programme

Contact our delivery team, we are looking forward to talking to you:

For more information see our Reducing Violence Programme page and our programme prices.


I’m delighted with how the session went and I’ve had so many excited calls from the staff about the children’s responses.
Becky Calnan, Southwark Peace Garden

How to book our StepWise Programme

If you are interested in our StepWise Programme please contact our Youth Engagement Manager Joanna Vidal on


After [StepWise] I have stopped going around with those sorts of people because I realised that the consequences are too serious. I’ve persuaded a couple of my friends to come with me