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At StreetDoctors we are determined to meet the needs of young people who were affected by violence before the pandemic, and are now further at risk because of disruption to their education, rising unemployment and loss of support structures.

“The young people were able to recall information several weeks later, the staff engaged even the troubled and disruptive young people. The trainers spoke about content and made this more relevant to the young people. Some still speak about the session when I see them on the streets. They found the sessions were the right time scale and were able to concentrate.”

“They’d now be willing to talk to their peers before it turned to anything more physical, convey dangers and advocate safer behaviour. For some of the younger ones, they might not be as confident but still they’ve really grasped that prevention is better than cure.”

– StreetDoctors Delivery Partners

Our delivery options

1. Digital Delivery

Available via Zoom & Microsoft Teams

Our award-winning ‘What to do if someone is bleeding’ session delivered by our volunteers as a live webinar, straight to young people’s personal devices, with interactive features to replicate the experience and impact of a face to face session. Feedback has been universally positive.

2. Remote Delivery to a Face-to-Face Group

The same live online session as ‘Option 1’, delivered by our volunteers to a socially distanced group of young people at a delivery partner’s premises.

3. Socially Distanced Face-to-Face Delivery

Available where restrictions allow.

A socially distanced version of our standard sessions ‘what to do if someone is bleeding’ and ‘what to do if someone is unconscious’, which can be delivered by our volunteers face to face, at a delivery partner’s premises. We are following NYA guidance for Youth Spaces.

All our training sessions come with a Partner Toolkit. This helps our partners support young people when talking about violence, which can often be traumatic. It is full of practical advice, lesson plans and, since we offer digital sessions too, guidance about supporting young people online.

Our sessions are priced depending on the type of organisation and based on income. See here for our session costs.

Our Safeguarding Policy.

How to make a booking

If you are based in London contact Meghan Wimlett at

If you are elsewhere in England, Scotland or Wales contact Sarah Bloxham at