Madeleine Barnett

Hi, my name is Madeleine and I’ve been part of StreetDoctors for the past three years; this year I’m excited to be team leader for Manchester! Being part of a national charity, teaching young people at risk of youth violence, is a great experience. Helping them learn and gain confidence, to realise that they CAN make a difference and save lives, is what we aim to achieve in our sessions. Sometimes a young person may show little enthusiasm at the start of the teaching session but it’s great to see them become more involved and interested by the end of the session. My aims for the year ahead include highlighting the work that StreetDoctors does in Manchester, helping us to organise more teaching sessions in and around the city. This will enable us to reach more young people, in our mission to end youth violence. If you’re interested in the work we do in Manchester, please get in contact with us!