Dr Luke Swithenbank

Luke first heard about StreetDoctors while he was studying medicine at the University of Leeds. He wondered why such unique and potentially life-saving lessons were not being delivered in his city, so set up the branch there in 2013 with a group of his peers. 

He was team leader of the Leeds team for two years, during which time he took up the national role of Expansion Officer and helped create the teams in Newcastle, Bristol, Birmingham and Warwick. Following graduation, he moved to work in Birmingham and witnessed first-hand the dire consequences of knife violence in the second city’s emergency departments, adding further fuel to his desire to help combat it. 

He currently serves as a medical officer in the RAF and joined the board of trustees in the summer of 2018 with the aim of ensuring the charity does not lose sight of its roots: its committed volunteers and all the young people it reaches out to.