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Welcome to the StreetDoctors blog. You’ll find blog posts here from our staff, volunteers and guest bloggers providing different perspectives on the work we do and the lives of the young people we teach.


February 7, 2019

Save one life, you change the world

It has been a privilege to serve as StreetDoctors CEO for the last five years. In that time we have...

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August 6, 2018

StreetDoctors in a new partnership to tackle youth violence in London

As a social movement of student medics and trainee healthcare professionals StreetDoctors has long been an advocate for adopting a...

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June 6, 2018

Why I volunteer with StreetDoctors #NationalVolunteersWeek

StreetDoctors has changed my perspective of knife crime massively. I have had an insight into the reality that in certain...

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