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Dan Ghosh

I first got involved with StreetDoctors in 2016. I am passionate about the ethos that StreetDoctors and enjoy teaching. It is a privilege to be able to pass on a positive message and empower others through teaching them life-saving first aid skills.

Saranya Linganathan

As soon as I read about StreetDoctors, I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of it. It’s an incredible charity working hard to empower young people.

As one of the ‘champions’ setting up the brand new Keele team, I am very passionate about StreetDoctors. We deliver fun, engaging but also life-changing teaching sessions to young people who need it the most.

I hope to find more delivery partners around the local area so we can teach and make a positive change to as many young people as possible!

Eleanor Hendicott

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to live in an affluent area of the UK, where I was presented with many opportunities, but not everyone is as lucky as I was. I firmly believe that regardless of background, ethnicity or upbringing, all young people have a potential that can be realised with a little nurture and encouragement.

When I heard about StreetDoctors, during my 2nd year of university, I instantly knew I wanted to apply, joining in 2016. It was a unique opportunity to really make a difference to the community and lives of young people. After a year of teaching, fundraising and fun, I was delighted to become Birmingham team leader. I am immensely proud of my team (and all volunteers) for their tireless commitment, passion and dedication to ‘end youth violence’.

Kate Mitchell

I’m Kate, the team leader for Sheffield and I’m in my 3rd year at medical school. I’ve volunteered for Street Doctors for 2 years now. I had never heard about the charity before recruitment was mentioned in lectures, but now I really try to tell everyone I can about the brilliant work the charity does.

Shareef Mahdi

I have been a volunteer with StreetDoctors East London since 2016. After seeing the scale of youth violence at my local Major Trauma Centre, I was motivated to join StreetDoctors and try and make a small difference. Whilst I love working with young people, I am also a big fan of research and helping the charity get bigger! That is why I am working with the Central Support Team for 3 months as the Expansion Officer, researching violence trends in the UK and implementing our expansion strategy to teach more and more young people! This year, we are excited to welcome nursing and paramedic students into the StreetDoctors volunteer family to help us boost our reach!

Sid Mao

I first joined Streetdoctors in 2015 as a part of the first South West London team and this year, I decided to take on the role of Team Leader. Since I first started, I have always believed that Streetdoctors can change a young person’s life by helping them think positively about themselves, their future and their community. I particularly enjoy the discussions we have during the sessions as I believe it is at these moments in which we can really help the young people change their attitudes towards street violence. I am also always amazed at the huge amount of positivity, confidence and potential the young people show at the end of each session through learning first aid. I am excited to see what the future holds for Streetdoctors and the South West London team!

Guenna Forbes

I am a medical student currently studying at the University of Manchester in my 5th year. I joined StreetDoctors in 2014 and haven’t looked back since. I originally joined to add a medical society to my university check list but quickly realised that it was going to be much more to me than that. This year I am excited to be in the role of team leader in Manchester. In StreetDoctors you can’t help but be inspired, motivated and enriched by the experiences you receive in teaching young people and meeting like-minded individuals all working for the same cause.

Francesca Leone

I joined StreetDoctors in 2015, when the Leicester Team was set up. Growing up my area was a pretty violent environment, and youth violence was never far from the local news headlines. I got involved not just to teach, something I love doing, but to be in an organisation that believes in the potential of young people: first aid not just being practical, but confidence building.

Ilaf Moslawy

I first got involved with StreetDoctors in 2015 when the new team was created in Southampton. It was a general recruitment email that got me interested. I thought it sounded cool and imagined myself searching the streets to save people. The reality of it differs, of course, but hasn’t disappointed me at all. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to teach young people such vital skills and to be able to address violence indirectly on a local level in my own communities, both Southampton and London

Sara Howells

I joined Streetdoctors at the end of first year to get more involved in Sheffield’s local community. 3 months in I was hooked by all the incredible people involved and their enthusiasm to change the lives of young people.

I have learnt so much over the last 18 months mostly from the amazing team I am surrounded by. Streetdoctors is an invaluable platform to teach members of the community. I cannot wait to see where Streetdoctors is in the next few years.