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TJ Dairo

Programme Coordinator

I plan and co-ordinate our peer education programme, StepWise. This is where young people affected by violence learn emergency lifesaving skills, obtain a first-aid accreditation, career advice within the health sector and co-deliver, with the help of our trainee healthcare professionals, training to their peers.

Why StreetDoctors?

I come from an area that was highly affected by street violence, so it wasn’t long till I came across StreetDoctors. Their incredible mission to give young people the tools and knowledge to make their own informed decisions as to whether or not to carry a weapon really resonates with me.


My StreetDoctors journey began in July 2020. I previously worked as a programme leaders/managers for youth-centred charities. I have a degree in Filmmaking & Post-Production from the University of Brighton.

Outside of StreetDoctors

I work on an ad-hoc basis for NCS as a Programme Leader. I’m also a keen outdoor enthusiast with a massive appetite for thrills and adventure!

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