Dr Nick Rhead

I co-founded StreetDoctors with Simon in 2008. Having been brought up in rural Derbyshire, Liverpool came as a bit of a shock when I moved there in 2005 to study medicine! But I loved it and completed my Foundation training at Aintree Hospital in North Liverpool.

Outside of medicine and StreetDoctors I play a bit of football and have a keen interest in international politics – I am sure that sooner or later I’ll find the key to sustainable development…just give me time! I have been lucky enough to travel extensively whether it be Rio or Tuvalu, and I hope to get the opportunity to practice medicine where it’s most needed.

Best bit about StreetDoctors – getting to watch it grow from an ad hoc dysfunctional set up in 2008 to an organised sustainable charity teaching vulnerable populations across the length and breadth of the UK.