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Dr Rochelle Pierre

Born and raised in Hackney, I am now an FY2 doctor in London. I joined the East London team in my first year of medical school in 2011.

Having grown up around youth violence and witnessing the struggles that many of the young people face, particularly in Hackney, I was eager to get involved with StreetDoctors. I have always wanted to give back to my community and help young people, and this has provided me with the perfect opportunity to do so.

StreetDoctors is an amazing charity which provides a means of empowering young people, and I am very proud to be a part of it. I joined the board of trustees in 2014 hoping to be a voice for both the volunteers and the young people we teach. Although I still have a lot to learn I am thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to reaching out to many more young people and being a positive influence in their lives.

Outside of Street Doctors my secret love is playing Basketball.

Dr Emma Brooks

I have been involved with StreetDoctors since 2012 and have volunteered for a number of years as part of the Sheffield team. I have remained part of the organisation because I believe that we make a real difference to the lives of young people. I still feel warm and fuzzy inside when I hear stories of young people that have used skills taught during a StreetDoctors session to save a life – there is no greater reason for what our volunteers do than than this. I am looking forward to increasing the number of young people we teach and watching our impact grow.

Alice ‘Mouse’ Barnes

I joined StreetDoctors in 2014 and have loved every second. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help to reduce the effects of youth violence in such a positive way. I’m so happy to be part of such a welcoming and accepting community that sees the promise in everyone, both young people and volunteers.

The work that StreetDoctors does to empower young people to view themselves as a valuable member of society, who could save a life, is one of the many reasons why joining was the best decision I have made at Medical School. I am endlessly proud of StreetDoctors, our impact, our emphasis on being yourself, our belief that no question is a “silly question” and the family that we have formed.

Ollie Sunderland

I got involved with StreetDoctors during my second year at university because I felt the charity offered a fresh and dynamic approach to reducing youth violence. As a part of the longest running team it is fantastic to see how StreetDoctors continues to grow and develop while making a positive impact within comunities across the UK!

Niamh Ni Longain

I grew up in Donegal in the north west of Ireland and went to university in Belfast to study medicine. Having graduated, I worked in Northern Ireland, then travelled and worked in New Zealand journeying back slowly through South East Asia. I then moved to and settled in North East London where I feel totally at home.

I work as a consultant in adult and paediatric emergency medicine in Hackney and have a special interest in adolescents and young people – it’s a fun, challenging and fulfilling role. In my working life I see the effects of social inequality and the effects of violence amongst young people on a day to day basis and hence was delighted when the opportunity to work with Streetdoctors arose. Their clarity of purpose, the mission to have a world free from youth violence, the efficacy of the training delivered and the enthusiasm of the volunteers who give so selflessly really moves and encourages me.

When I’m off I’m usually found running on the river with my lovely dog trying hard to stop him catching squirrels, training for half marathons, doing yoga, travelling and exploring London with friends.

Alan Morton

I’ve been involved in StreetDoctors since 2013, I was drawn to StreetDoctors by the simplicity of its’ intervention and the scalability of its’ volunteer-led peer-to-peer delivery model, and never ceased to be humbled by the passion and commitment of our volunteers in tackling youth violence by equipping young people with life-saving first aid skills.

I have a background in finance. Having worked in investment in London and Asia, i’m now firmly routed in East London, pursuing a second career of supporting young and innovative charities and social enterprises to develop and grow. Organiations I typically support address social disadvantage (inc homelessness, youth unemployment, sexual health, care-leavers) or promote skilled volunteering.

Cycling, running, travel and finding quirky eateries keeps me out of mischief the rest of the time.

Dr Manjinder Brom

I have had the honour of being involved with StreetDoctors since 2014 when the Birmingham team first formed. In 2015 I ran for the position of Team Leader; a role I held for 2 years. I had an amazing time working closely with an incredibly committed and passionate team, setting and going on to demolish our hugely ambitious teaching and fundraising goals.

Handing the Team Leader baton on and graduating from medical school has coincided with the fantastic opportunity of being co-opted onto the Board of Trustees. As a trustee, I hope to channel my passion for StreetDoctors and use my experience as a Birmingham volunteer to offer a fresh perspective and continue the charity’s great work tackling youth violence. Let the next chapter begin.

Dr Rebecca Long

Dr Rebecca Long

I strongly believe in StreetDoctors’ value that young people are part of the solution to ending youth violence. Having volunteered since 2011, I regularly witness the capacity young people have to learn about, and indeed, act to assist in a medical emergency. Hearing young people say things like, “I would help. Even if it was a homeless person. They’re human and all human life is worth saving” is just one of the many reasons I remain involved in the charity. It will inspire me during this next year as I look to strengthen and support measuring our impact, and teaching increasing numbers of young people.

Jo Broadwood

I joined StreetDoctors as CEO in April 2014. I have worked with charities, as a government advisor and in communities across the UK for over 20 years with a particular focus on youth and community conflict. As director of the Leap Academy of Youth and Conflict I led on their award-­winning action research programmes addressing issues such as gangs and territorialism, knife and weapon use, identity and prejudice reduction.

I have been amazed at the outstanding commitment and engagement of our volunteers since joining StreetDoctors and am really looking forward to working with them to grow the organisation so we can make a positive impact on the lives of even more young people.

Once a keen rower, I have traded in my oars for the ukulele, just as challenging but less early mornings!

Dr Simon Jackson

I grew up in Belfast, and later moved to Liverpool, were I completed degrees in medicine and parasitology (in defence it is interesting!). In 2008, Nick Rhead and I, began teaching young offenders how to perform pre-hospital care of gunshots, stab wounds, the ‘unconscious patient’ and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Quite a few years later, with the assistance and guidance of awesome medical and non-medical professionals; StreetDoctors (as the organisation became to be named) was formed as a charity.

Currently I am a paediatric doctor in Belfast (via a detour to Australia and R.O.I), and I spend my free time surfing and reading. Now I am a passionate ambassador for StreetDoctors. I firmly believe every child should live in an environment free of violence.