Annie Brunskill

I first joined StreetDoctors in 2014 as a part of the Manchester team and have helped to set up a new outpost of Manchester volunteers in Preston since moving there in 2015. I originally joined because I thought the charity sounded interesting but could never have anticipated how involved I would become and how much I would love StreetDoctors as the years went by! Teaching sessions to such inspiring young people and hearing stories of how peoples’ lives have been affected by youth violence only makes me more confident in the work we are doing.

It is immensely important for StreetDoctors to expand into new cities in order to spread our message further and reach as many high risk young people as possible. I am therefore very excited to work as the StreetDoctors Expansion Officer in 2017 and see what new challenges this will bring. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for StreetDoctors and the new team!